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     Since we have not yet uploaded most of the songs’ Melodies, people have sometimes seen a song’s LYRICS only, and wrongly assumed that the Music for that Song has not yet been composed!

     This has caused some CONFUSION, with people even writing NEW TUNES for the songs without first contacting us— and, unfortunately, their tunes usually do not fit the Lyrics as well as does the original Melody the Lord gave us with the Lyrics.

   Please know that we are in the process of Recording and Uploading the tunes as we are able, and PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU WRITE a new, second tune for any song on the site.

   IF YOU WANT TO USE A SONG IN A PROJECT, just shoot us an email and we will cheerfully SEND the MUSIC to YOU within a FEW DAYS for you to at least consider !

   Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Welcome to Brooksong, LLC

     Welcome to our family-friendly web-site sharing the songs of Stanley K. Brubaker, the author and composer of “Teach Me, O Lord,” “Lo, I Come” and many other quality Christian hymns and songs composed in the past 40 years. Pour a cup of tea... browse as long as you wish... print out some sheet music... play some songs... and you’ll find your spirit refreshed and encouraged!

Go to the “Songs Index” Page to see an index of almost 100 songs and hymns, with new ones added every week.

     At this time we have nothing to sell-- nor do we have any true CD quality downloads like we hope to have in the future.  But we do have lots of songs and hymns in various stages of production, so if you are a harmonist, composer, arranger, session-player, producer or other musically-gifted person who would like to help finish up some of these songs, we would showcase your work with audio samples and credit lines, and possibly links.

     If you see any songs you would like to use for a church or school function, a songbook or album or other project there is no charge for non-commercial uses.  Just shoot us an email if you have any questions.

For the glory of our amazing Lord,

Stan Brubaker

Last Updated — Saturday, March 6, 2010

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Copyright Notice: All songs, hymns, poems, illustrations, and other components of this web-site are Copyrighted 2009 or earlier, either by Stanley K. Brubaker or by Brooksong, LLC. See our Contact Page for ways to reach us for usage.

In Praise of Music’s Maker...

       This site is devoted to the glory of God in song, specifically Christian music. When our Creator God was busy in six glorious days of creation, some have suggested He not just spoke, but sang us into being. Certainly He invented music with its delightful melody, harmony, pulse and pitch, with the rhythm and cadence that make it live in our souls, and we read that the “morning stars sang together” in that creation week. The worshippers He spoke into being included the celestial messengers— archangels and angels, seraphs (seraphim), cherubs (cherubim), not only to minister to mankind as guardian angels, but to fill the celestial universe with songs and praises of adulation, exaltation, appreciation and admiration as they hallelujah the thrice-holy God with the heavenly music best able to glorify, magnify, exalt, worship, bless, adore, honor, venerate, and revere His eternal majesty.

     We read that even our enemy Satan, the dragon or Devil, was once the highest of musicians serving God until his pride deceived and deluded him, and started his plummet toward judgment and the lake of fire in eternal Hell.

     Not just angels and men, but most of the living creatures of land and sea and air have their own songs-- bird song, frog song, whale song... and the nocturnal serenading of the summer insects. Who has listened to the gay music of the robin, the cheerful warble of the bluebird, and the silvery flute-notes of the thrush without joining in the praise?

     Soon after God created us, men, showing they were in the image of God, invented musical instruments, and through the centuries since the voices of men and women and youth and children have sung heavenward to the accompaniment of the instruments of men and of God. The Old Testament saints and pilgrims and wayfarers sang their way to glory, raising psalms and chants in praise with such instruments, mentioned in Moses and the Psalms and the prophets, as the harp, lyre, lute, flute, bells, pipes, the khalil, a primitive clarinet, timbrels and cymbals. The ram’s horn shophar or trumpets signaled Israel to assembly or battle, and sacred music and dance enlightened the children of Israel’s hearts and lives. Sabbath days and new moons were announced with the sound of music.

     In II Chronicles 7:6 we read about the Jewish Levites “with instruments of music of the Lord, which David the king had made to praise the Lord” and today we may accompany our praises from a veritable smorgasbord of musical instruments of all kinds: strings, such as violin or fiddle, cello, viola, harp, lute, lyre, zither, psaltery, ukulele, and the popular guitar, piano and harpsichord. Also, the wind instruments, such as the pipe organ, accordion, harmonica, panpipes, bagpipes; the reed instruments, woodwinds, clarinet, oboe, piccolo, flute, bassoon, and the saxophone;

percussion instruments, such as drum, timbrel, tambourine, bells, cymbals, xylophone, and castanets; brass, such as cornet, trumpet, horn, bugle, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, french horn, and so many, many more. 

     Who cannot thrill as skilled musicians and players, whether a soloist or a mighty orchestra, share the structured harmonies of God.  And yet, of so much higher value are the vocal choirs and carols of sanctified singers, minstrels, and bards who point us to God with a full palette of songs for all our emotional and spiritual needs.

     We start our lives to our cradle songs, hear the lullaby of our mother’s heart, learn the songs of children and youth, the grand hymns of the church, and find from the popular celebrations of Jesus’ birth (“Christmas”) and His death (“Easter”) some of the highest musings of mankind. We graduate from school or college, or walk the aisle to marriage to the accompaniment of the sweetest lyrics and harmonies we can find, and until the dirges slowly play our funeral we rejoice in the gift of music.

     Like King Saul, we look for a David to drive away our evil spirits, and we laugh, we cry, we sob, we sigh, we think, we muse and meditate on the meaning of life and our meeting with our Maker to the slow hymn of our daily life. Chants, canticles, carols and concertos chronicle the highest and holiest events of life, our tranquil anthems of gratefulness in times of peace, the military marches mid the horrors of war, the heartfelt invitations to repentance and heartsung warnings to the wayward.

     We rightly tribute those composers, directors, and producers who coax from human voices a full spectrum of aural beauty— from the lowest bass growlings to the high silvery resonance of the thrush or nightingale. How many millions of dollars and hours annually do we gladly spend to thrill to fugue or allegro, oratorio, drama, or operetta?  How frequently do we download a masterpiece of emotional music to manipulate our hearts in the way they want to go?  Heart and soul, we stir our deepest deeps by the eternal music.  And when all instruments fade to silence, the acapella solo of a vocal virtuoso, a duet or the blending delights of soprano, alto, tenor and bass, or the mighty choir of human harmonics bring us to peace and hope again. And when we’re all alone, the least talented among us can hopefully whistle a tuneful ditty or a strain or refrain they enjoy, while the most talented among us we tend to promote to celebrity status, even if their music lowers the morals and morale of their listeners.

     By the grace of God, our desire here at Brooksong LLC is to hallow the Name and the ways of the triune Person Who made music for mankind, and mankind for the music of praise. May we exalt from the heart the One Who designed us in His own image, and may we meaningfully inspire others in a daily doxology of worship.

 —Stan Brubaker

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July 2009

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