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Notes: With most of these songs you can only see the Lyrics at this time. However, since they all have original Melodies that go nicely with the words, weíre hoping to add simple music playout files for the rest of them in the next few months. Thanks for stopping, and keep checking back!       Blessings... Stan B.


  • After the Tempest [hear it]
  • All I Need is Jesus
  • At Sea [hear it]
  • Awake, Awake, O Zion
  • Awake, Thou That Sleepest! [hear it]
  • Behold the Sacrificial Lamb!
  • But the Good News Is
  • Christ is Captain of My Soul !
  • Cleansing Fountain
  • Come Ye Apart
  • Conqueror of All [hear it]
  • Down a Country Lane in the Summertime
  • Down, Down on My Knees
  • Following
  • For Me the Savior Came
  • Go Softly, Clouds of Night
  • Greater Is He that is In You
  • Hail!  All Hail King Jesus!
  • He Broke the Chains of Sin
  • He Came as a Little Lamb       [hear it]
  • He Came to Set the Captive Free
  • He Captured Me (To Set Me Free)
  • Hello, Little Oak Leaf
  • He Loves His Children Still
  • Holy, Holy, Lord Thou Art Holy   [hear it]
  • Hopeless and Wandering
  • How Great the Grace the Savior Gives
  • Hush, My Child, and Calm Your Crying
  • I Am Just a Little Child
  • I Am, Says Christ, the Truth, the Life
  • I Did Not Weep   [hear it]
  • If I Knew Not Jesus
  • It Was An Ordinary Morn   [hear it]
  • I Gazed Upon the Crucified
  • Iím a Happy Little Turtle   [hear it]
  • Iím Goiní Camping
  • Iíve Got a Home in Gloryland
  • Keep On Keeping On
  • Let Me Call You Father
  • Lullaby, Baby, Sweet Be Your Slumber
  • Like a Merry Child Skipping Through a Garden
  • Lo, I Come   [hear it]
  • My Savior is a Shepherd Kind
  • Ocean of Living Wine
  • Oceans of Grace
  • O Thou Afflicted
  • Over the Hills of Glory
  • Oxen Are Lowing in Stables Dim [hear it]
  • Red Is the Color
  • Said One Little Soul to Another [youtube]
  • Shepherd Me, Shepherd
  • Shepherds All, Awake   [hear it]  
  • Shine, Silver Star   [hear it]
  • Sun in the Sky, Sailboats on the Sea
  • Sweetly They Sing Oíer Her Bonnie Grave
  • Teach Me, O Lord, To Number my Days (hear it]
  • Thank You, Lord, For Giving Joys Worth Keeping
  • The Father Loves (a 3-part Round)
  • The River is Dark and Wide
  • The Song of the Shepherds  (a medley)
  • Though the Mountains Wash Away
  • What Were the Thoughts That Mary Thought?[hear it]
  • When God I Have Offended
  • When We See Face to Face   [hear it]
  • Whom Shall I Send?
  • Whose Hand Made the Mountain?   [hear it]
  • Who Will Tell the Millions?
  • Why Linger Here?
  • Will You Be Home When the Sun Sets?
  • Will You Turn?
  • Wonderful Day
  • Write it on the Wind
  • You Designed the Towering Mountains
  • You Have Called Us to You

    Songs Added to Site in 2009

    Fallen ! 8-18-2009 [hear it]

    Father, Lay Your Hands of Blessing 8-8-2009  [hear it]

    Hear the Music on the Hills of Israel 8-19-2009 [hear it]

    I Donít Need to Worry Anymore   7-19-2009 [hear it]

    I Stood in the Dark Marketplaces   8-6-2009 [hear it]

    My Little Girl (the girl of someoneís dreams)

                                                               8-6-2009 [hear it]

    Nations Come, Nations Go             8-5-2009  [hear it]

    The Day of Judgment, Judgmentís Coming

                                                               8-5-2009 [hear it]

    Thereís a New Day in the Dawning 8-6-2009  [hear it]


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