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When you were just a little girl, bouncing on my knee,
I was so glad that God in Heaven had given you to me,
And tho' the years by sneaky days have stolen you from that place
I've not complained for I have gained a daughter of poise and grace.

      CHORUS for Verses 1, 2, and 3:
      And now, it seems, you're the girl of someone's dreams,
      And someone prays to spend his days with my little girl.

I used to take you to the park, push you on the swing,
And for your sweet and winsome smile I'd do 'most anything;
I'd gallop you on my shoulders-horse, gently teeter the totter down,
Tell my little girl to hold on tight as I whirled the merry-go-round,

I've wondered why the God on high gave a gift so grand,
But thru our years of growing up, we tried to understand;
I'd read to you a Bible story, and carry you to your bed,
And think there wasn't a lovelier sight than the moonbeams upon your head.

The passing years have come and gone, bearing you away, 
But I'll not stay a single one, or dread your special day;
The sun will set, the sun will rise, the circles of life go on,
And someone special will hold a little girl as fair as tomorrow's dawn.

      Verse 4 Chorus:
      But, still, it seems, you're the girl of my sweet dreams,
      So day by day I still will pray for my little girl.

Words and music copyrighted 2008 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Giving them away... As the father of six daughters (three married) I still get teary-eyed when I sing this one! We love our girls.

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When I was just a child   I can remember well
Hearing the old folks say to me
Will you be safely home,  home when the sun goes down?
Will you, my child, be safely home?

        Will you be home when the sun sets,
        Over the western way?
        Someone is watching, someone is waiting,
        Waiting at end of day.

Deep in my heart I know,   Jesus is watching now,
Calling to Him the ones who roam,
Will you the summons hear, will you the summons heed?
Will you My child, be safely home?

Oh but the hearts are bright,  hearts that have loved the best,
When we're at home, all danger passed,
Heaven will all rejoice,  Glad will the angels be  
When they have welcomed us safe at last,

Words and music copyrighted 1997 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Will you be safely home after the last sunset?