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If true, biblical Grace means anything, it means glorious Freedom!  It means Victory, because Jesus is Victor over all that our enemy hurled against Him. We who are “in Christ” were spiritually “in Him” when He died on the Cross (just like Levi was “in” the loins of Abraham when He paid tithes to Melchisadek) and we were also  “in Christ” when He arose from the death of the grave. We have been ransomed at great price to live above sin.  Can we trust Him for this too?


He came to set the captive free,  "Let My people go,"
He came to set the captive free,  "Let My people go,"
He came to set the captive free,  Rescue him from slavery,
To lead him forth in victory--  "Let My people go!"

The demon- or disease-possessed,  "Let My people go,"
He fully loved, and cleansed, and blessed,  "Let My people go,"
For sinners He was surety,  Washed their souls in purity,
And gave them His security,  "Let My people go!"

From glory to the grave He came,  "Let My people go,"
To free us, through His holy Name,  "Let My people go,"
To wicked ones like you and me--  Broke the chains to set us free,
Inviting all, "Come unto Me"--  "Let My people go!"

He sees in us eternal worth,  "Let My people go,"
He offers us a higher birth,  "Let My people go,"
"Eternal Life is found in Me-- I'm the Truth who sets men free,
Free to be all man can be--  "Let My people go!"

Words and music copyrighted 2002 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Believe Him... and keep on believing-- especially when all your human reasoning and your own track record tell you it’s absolutely impossible.


He broke the chains of sin that fettered me,
He set me free,  He set me free!
I'll sing His glorious Name triumphantly--
He broke the chains of sin, and set me free!

The rusty chains of sin long on me lay,
Forged in my heart, day after day;
Each sin became a link, enshackling me--
But Jesus took the chains, and set me free!

Deep in the dungeons of my dark distress,
My soul decried its wretchedness;
Into that pit of sin-- my pit of shame--
To break the chains of sin  my Savior came.

To make His worthy Name a sinner's pride,
He took my sins,  He sanctified,
And Oh! the blessedness He gave to me--
When Jesus broke the chains, to set me free!

Words and music copyrighted 1998 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Hopeless and wandering,  No savior known,
Climbing but falling,  Lost, and alone,
Blindly without Him,  Longing for rest,
Needing a savior-- Truest and best.

Gone was the sunshine,  Gone, gentle rain;
Mine was the darkness,  Mine was the pain;
     Numbly I sought You,  Heart sorely pressed,
     Lord! how I need You, Truest and best.

Lo!  on the darkness  Glimmered one star,
Pure from His throne-room,  Shining afar,
     Hope for the sinner,  "Come, and be blest;
     Come to the Father,  Truest and best."

Gone is the darkness,  Gone is the pain;
Bright is the sunshine,  Sweet is the rain;
     Kindly He sought me,  sorely distressed,
     Home from my wandering  Brought me to rest.
Words and music copyrighted 2002 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Part of the salvation package is a “new nature”-- the very nature of the Saver-- “Christ in you, the hope of glory;”

Subject: Found! and at Home in the Presence of Christ.