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One of the most incomprehensible mysteries of our Faith, is that God has such a longing for Fellowship with His created Beings! In His great heart of love, our foolishness and rebelliousness meet His superlative Mercy, and He continually works to woo us to Himself.


If I knew not Jesus,  dark would my life be,
Vain dreams made of ashes,  washed over the sea;
     If I knew not Jesus,  dark, dark my despair,
     Tempest and terror and torment-- more that I ever would bear,
This would my lot be forever,  this would my portion be.

If I knew not Jesus,  dark would my life be,
One fast-failing sunset,  swept over the sea,
     One swift passing memory,  one brief dying star,
     One merest moment of madness--  misery evermore
Thus would my loss through the ages,  ever-- forever-- be.

If I knew not Jesus,  how futile my days,
Vain sandcastles crumbling,  washed into the waves,
     Unravelled my weavings,  unsettled my soul,
     Ruined and wretched and wasted--  life without purpose or goal,
Emptied of blessings forever--  bankrupt beyond the grave.

If I knew not Jesus,  my Maker and Friend,
God, living within me,  redeeming from sin,
     True helper and healer--  how wisely He guides!--
     Almighty God of the ages,  bringing me wealth that abides--
Love rich and free and abundant,  Life that will never end.

Words and music copyrighted 1994 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

You designed the towering mountains,
     You breathed out the skies of blue;
You created crystal fountains,
     Each a miracle from You,
You created all their glory,
     Made the majesty we see,
You invented every wonder,
     And the miracle that's me.

You designed for Your own pleasure
     One to share Your purpose grand,
The Creator's trust and treasure,
     Made to share in all You planned;
Him You fashioned true and upright,
     Pure, in innocence from You,
Yours his blamelessness and wisdom
     With a heart both kind and true.

When our foolish hearts betrayed You,
     You abandoned Heaven's throne;
On a cross our sins displayed you,
     Where you bore our sins alone.
From the grave you rose in triumph,
     Showing Life and Love all new!
And You're calling out a people
     Who will fellowship with You.

Words and music copyrighted 2004 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Godís desire is toward us!

Subject: Life without Christ-- Life without Life!