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New hymns and songs given to Encourage us,  through the tough times of life, when God seems to stay out of sight...  even seeming to ignore our prayers...  because He longs to build His precious FAITH in our steadfast hearts.  Keep trusting Him!


This world is dark in the grip of sin
And the darkness reigns in the lives of men,
Oh, the devil laughs ev'rywhere he goes
       For they won't believe 
       That he can deceive, And the darkness grows...

Chorus:  But the Good News is that the Savior lives
              He will come to judge the world in His own time;
              I will trust in Him,  I will walk in Him,
              I will work for Him, I will watch for Him--
                     He's coming!

There's a holy God on the highest throne
And He saves and sanctifies His own,
Through the world He walks as He talks with men,
        And He gives His love
        Saying, "Live above all the world of sin...

[Chorus]   "For the Good News is...

Take courage, yes, oh my brother, now,
Surely ev'ry pagan knee shall bow,
Ev'ry heathen heart will soon declare
       That the Lord is King
        Over ev'rything, Reigning ev'rywhere...

[Chorus]   "For the Good News is...
Words and music copyrighted 2004 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: For the true Christian... all the bad news is only temporary.


"Come ye apart" the Savior is calling,
"Come ye distressed, and rest for awhile;
 Billows may roll their crowd-fevered madness,  
 Turn from the tempest,  Come ye apart.

        "Come ye and learn of My infinite peace,
         Cease from the din in your soul;
         Come ye and lean on a dear Savior's breast,
         Rest till your spirit is whole;
         Bring all your burdens, temptations, and cares,
         Failures, and fears to My heart,
         Cease from the labor of striving alone,
         Come to Me,  come ye apart."

"Come ye apart" the Savior is calling,
"Lay down your toils and tears for a time;
 Power and peace to you I have promised,
 Prove you My love,  oh,  come ye apart.

"Come ye apart" the Savior is calling,
"Duty will stay, to wait your return;
 Only one task I ask you forever:
 Joy in My presence,  Come ye apart.

Words and music copyrighted 1987 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Sanctified Re-Creation


So keep on keeping on,  And keep the keeping strong,
For trials will come, and trials will go, And life will soon be gone.
Look to the face of God on high,  Walk in his grace alone,
Walking in his will,  Treasuring Him still,  Keep on keeping on.

Great trials may come your way,  Fair paths would lead astray,
Your heart would turn away from Christ to keep its rusting throne;
But Jesus calls you to the death that leads to Life beyond!
E'er the vision dim, focus it on Him-- Keep on keeping on!

The race we run is rough, with ready hazards real,
But Jesus offers grace enough our calling to fulfill;
"Take up your cross and follow Me" cried out the suff'ring Son,
"Follow Me to death!  Till your final breath-- keep on keeping on!"

Words and music copyrighted 2002 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Donít Give Up!


O thou afflicted, tossed with tears, and torn,
God Himself will comfort you,  bless those who mourn;
Bright with the sunrise,  new light will dawn
And with the daybreak,  darkness be gone.

O thou afflicted,  by your trials tossed,
God will be your Comforter-- sorrows be lost!
Forth from your sufferings  joy shall He raise
And make your noon day  bright with His praise.

O thou afflicted,  in your doubts dismayed,
God enables grace to you-- be not afraid,
Like yonder songbird, lift joyful wing--
Spread wings of trusting,  soaring as you sing.

Words and music copyrighted 1989 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: joy comes in the morning

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