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New hymns and songs about Christís Crucifixion


Behold the sacrificial Lamb,  Suffering now for thee!
Cruelly scorned, our Savior hangs,  Cursed upon the tree;
Forsaken Son of God and man,  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

Unfathomed pain has He endured!  How can we view the scene?
Behold His matchless love outpoured!  What can this mock'ry mean?
What can it mean?  What can it mean?  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

          He bears alone His awful grief,
          How can He help their unbelief?
          Could He but prove He is their friend,
          And dies in innocence for them!

O wicked hearts!  O cruel deed-- To crucify God's Son!
But such is sin, and such is man-- Alas, for I am one!
Bid me to flee, O Lord, to Thee,  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

He cries in anguish, "Eloi, Lama Sabacthani!"
The earthquake rends the temple's veil  And darkness veils the sky.
What does this awful hour hold?  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

          His mother watches from below;
          Her heart cannot His anguish know;
          His dearest friends-- afar, afraid--
          See Him, their Lord! in shame displayed.

Now "It is finished!" hear Him cry.  The noble spirit fled,
His body hanging on the nails,  Our Savior joins the dead.
The Son of Man by man is slain!  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

The One who healed a thousand souls  His own life did not save.
They take His body from the cross,  And lay it in the grave.
Is this our hope forever fled?  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

          The tomb will not confine the dead:
          Three days will find, as Jesus said,
          The resurrected Son of Man
          Alive upon the earth again!

O mystery and pow'r of God!  By faith I understand:
Is this the prophets' vision sealed,  Revealed at last to man?
Will we receive,  repent,  believe?   O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God!

Let ev'ry sinner now rejoice  And, weeping, come to Christ!
Nothing but holy lives will prove  We claim the sacrifice.
From sin we flee to follow Thee,  O Lamb of God, O Lamb of God.

Words and music copyrighted 1987 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Earthís Darkest Day !

(A plaintive minor)


For me the Savior came,  He died in shame, for me,
For me His holy brow was stained, For me,  for me!
For me His head hung down In awful agony,
For me His heart was broken-- For me,  for me.

For me my Sov'reign died!  He sorrowed there, for me,
In innocence was crucified,  For me,  for me!
Before the murd'rous throng  His holy purity
Made sacrifice in suffering-- For me,  for me.

My wretched debts He paid,  My sins He bore-- for me--
And gladly full atonement made,  For me,  for me!
I hang my head in shame,  Then lift my tears to see!
To think,  His heart was broken   For me, for me!

Words and music copyrighted 1994 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Even for me


I did not weep beneath the cross
    Outside of old Jerusalem;
But I by faith can see Him there,
    Travailing for my sin.

I did not share His fiery pain,
    Nor bear the mockers' hellish glee;
Nor did I hang beside Him there,
    But He hung there, for me.

I scarcely know how Christ my Lord
    Could bear that cross on Calvary,
But this I know, in love He died,
    And that's enough for me.

Long may the mem'ry haunt my soul,
    Should I the sacred scene forget;
No, I will love Him to the full,
     And serve my Savior yet!

Words and music copyrighted 2003 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.
Song No.13 in my "New Harp No. 1"
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Subject: Christís Crucifixion

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I gazed upon the Crucified, 
     My startled soul amazed;
I stared with haughty, hasty pride-- 
     The sordid scene appraised:
"What horrid crimes has he avowed,
    To be tormented thus?
What evils in the head now bowed,
    What wretched wickedness?"

But Love my careless conscience slew:
    I heard Him, gasping, say
"Father, they know not what they do--
    Forgive them, Lord, I pray!"
Now trembling at the truth implied--
    The awful irony--
Is Innocence now crucified?

A holy hush of terror fell,
    Darkness the day indwelt,
As all the demon fiends of Hell
    Around Him, mocking, knelt;
Is this the ruin of our race?
    Will fiery judgments fall?
Creator crush the dark disgrace?
    I hear the suff'rer call:

"O God, they know not what they do--
    Forgive them, Lord, I pray!"--
 And something in my awful pride
     Began to die that day.

Words and music copyrighted 2005 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Blue is the sky,   Black is the night,
Green are the meadows,   White is the light,
Pink are the clouds,   When day is done--
Red is the color    Of the blood of God's Son.

          Forth from His side   
          His blood He shed--
          A cleansing tide   
          Of crimson red,
          My sins were on    
          The Holy One--
          Red is the Color   
          Of the blood of God's Son.

My soul was dark,   Black as the night,
Without one single   Sunbeam of light;
Then I believed   What God had done--
Red is the Color   Of the blood of God's Son.

Words and music copyrighted 1998 by 
Stanley K. Brubaker; all rights reserved.

Subject: Christís Crucifixion

Subject: Salvation by the blood!

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